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Markus is the President and Chief Software Architect of EPS Software Corp. (and it's various properties, such as CODE Consulting, CODE Training, and VFPConversion). He is also the Publisher of CODE Magazine and the co-host of CodeCast. He is a Microsoft RD (Regional Director) and one of the longest-serving MVPs (1996-present). Markus is the founder of other business ventures, such as Tower48 (digital software escrow), Xiine (digital reading), JockTock (sports social network), and more.

Markus has worked on a large number of software projects for some of the world's largest companies (including a number of Fortune 500 companies). Markus has worked as a contractor to the Microsoft Visual Studio team, and has worked closely with various product groups at Microsoft. Besides his activities around CODE Magazine, Markus has been published extensively in practically all large industry publications (mainly in English, but on occasion in German as well). He has received various and numerous awards and recognitions, many related to his active involvement in the community and his regular appearances at events of all sizes. Markus has also been involved in the creation and continued support of various user groups, such as D2SIG (WPF and Silverlight) and HDNUG (.NET).

In his spare time, Markus is an enthusiastic Ice Hockey player (and supporter) as well as an avid windsurfer, traveler, and general enthusiast of sports such as scuba diving or mountain biking. On rainy days Markus either reads, enjoys a computer game, or researches new technologies.

Markus on Social Networks

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Developer Community Activity

Markus is very active in the Microsoft Developer Community. Markus is a MS RD and MS MVP (one of the longest serving in fact: 1996 - present). Markus speaks at various large industry events (such as TechEd or DevConnections).

He is also involved in local events and user groups. For instance, Markus is the founder of D2SIG, a WPF and Silverlight focused user group for developers and designers in Houston. Markus also regularly speaks at HDNUG, the Houston Area .NET Users Group. In addition, Markus is an INETA speaker and in that role, speaks at various users groups around the US, Canada, and Europe (and occasionally elsewhere as well).

Through CODE Magazine, Markus also sponsors various events, from large conferences to Code Camps and individual user group meetings.

Markus is also the initiator of the State of .NET events, a series of free events that usually last one afternoon and discusses the current state of various .NET technologies and techniques.

Of course Markus is also an active blogger and contributor to various community sites, in addition to his "regular" writing activities (articles and books). Markus articles have appeared in magazines such as CODE Magazine, MSDN Magazine, Visual Studio Magazine, ASP.NET Pro Magazine, FoxPro Advisor, Fuchs, FoxTalk and Microsoft Office & Database Journal, and more.

Markus has also been involved in targetted community efforts around platforms such as Windows Mobile (now Windows Phone) and Microsoft Tablet PCs. Microsoft has named Markus one of the world's 10 most influential Mobile PC developers.

Markus is also the co-host of CodeCast, a free companion podcast to CODE Magazine, focusing on .NET development topics. In addition to CodeCast, Markus has also appeared on various other podcasts, such as .NET Rocks, , Polymorphic Podcast, and others.

Of course CODE Magazine itself can also be seen as a community effort, since CODE enables a large group of community members to write and receive content. Many CODE related efforts, such as CODE Focus Magazines (special issues of CODE) are completely free of charge to the reader.

EPS as a company employs more MVPs and RDs than any other company in the world. EPS has a unique culture of promoting community efforts amongst our employees.

EPS Software Corp.

EPS Software (and its related properties such as CODE Consulting, CODE Training, and VFPConversion) is a custom software development and consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas (USA) and Salzburg (Austria).

EPS has been named on of Houston's Largest Software Companies by the Houston Business Journal (number 13 in the most recent listing in 2010).

EPS Austria GmbH

EPS maintains offices in Europe. EPS Austria GmbH focusses on many of the same efforts as EPS Software Corp., with an emphasis on VFPConversion (see below) as well as modern interface technologies and paradigms (in particular multi-touch and Natural User Interfaces - NUI - on PC and mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, iPhone, Andriod...).

CODE Consulting and CODE Training

EPS' CODE properties specialize on enabling developers to build better applications on the Microsoft platform. This is achieved through various means. EPS' key efforts in this area (besides CODE Magazine) are CODE Consulting and CODE Training. In these areas, EPS does most of its development using Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET) and SQL Server (among other server technologies). EPS has worked on numerous software projects for Fortune 500 companies including Philip Morris, Qualcomm, Shell, Microsoft, and more.

CODE Training provides standard and personalized training on various .NET topics.


As a former leader in Visual FoxPro development, EPS has been the leader (and only resource, really) for people who want to move their technology from Visual FoxPro to .NET and SQL Server.

EPS conducts regular VFPConversion training sessions. EPS is also helps in the process of converting VFP applications of all sizes and all levels of involvement, from simple mentoring to multi-year conversion projects handled entirely by EPS.

Digital Publishing

EPS is active beyond Microsoft consulting. EPS also consults around digital publishing (Kindle,...) and helps publishers and authors to publish their content in digital format(s). EPS is a leader in automated conversion of content to all kinds of digital platforms.

Social Networks

EPS is also a leader in Social Network consulting, especially on Facebook. EPS helps customers to establish a presence on Facebook. In addition, EPS develops custom Facebook applications and clients.

Tower48 Inc.

Markus is the founder of Tower48 digital escrow services. Tower 48 is the thought-leader in the digital escrow business. For more information, visit