Meet Some Friends Of Mine...

I do not claim to be much of a philanthropist. However, there are some things that are important to me.

Meet some special friends of mine...

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My philanthropic efforts leave much to be desired. However, I did decide to sponsor some children who are much less fortunate than we are. Sponsoring these children is almost ridiculously inexpensive. $15-20 make a huge difference for a family who makes less than $60 or $80 a month.

Currently, I am sponsoring 4 children. I would like you to meet them:

Birthday: 14th of January, 2002

Rabbeca lives in Zambia (Africa). She is younger than the other children I sponsor.

She lives with her parents and her sister in a one-room concreate "house" with a corrugated metal roof. They have no electricity and only community facilities. She is too young to realize the tough situation she is in.

Total family income is $30 a month.


Birthday: 16th of March, 1996

Yohanny lives in the Dominicam Republic. She likes art and (surprise, surprise) Math. Out of the children I sponsor, she seems to be the most fortunate of the unfortunate, at least on paper. She lives with her family and has no siblings. She attends school. They actually have individual bedrooms and beds. They even have some access to electricity. However, they only have access to community facilities.

Total family income is about $100 each month.


Birthday: 23rd of May, 1997

Sostenes lives in Guatemala, likes to play with cars and other toys, and is not very fond of running errands. He would much rather sing, which is something he is very talented at.

Sostenes lives with his mother (who is a maid) and a brother and sister. They live in a small adobe house that has one multi-purpose room and a kitchen which features a small gas stove. The house has a dirt floor.

Total family income is $52 each month.


Keylin Selin
Birthday: 29th of May, 1996

Keylin Selin lives in Honduras, likes dolls, and is a very talented dancer.

Keylin lives with her mother and father, as well as 4 siblings in a small house that features a kitchen (with an earthen stove), a living room, and a small bedroom. In some ways she is better off than Sostenes. For instance, their home has a concrete floor. However, many "luxories" they have access to (such as electricity) is not affordable, so it does little good.

Total family income is $69 each month.


I hope to have a positive impact on the future of these children. I sponsor them through an organization called "Children International" ( I have no idea if this is considered a "good" cheritable organization or not. However, so far things seem to be going fine. In the future, I intend to also sponsor children through other organizations just to keep things balanced.