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Monday, November 28, 2005
Cross Country Fun

Today is a bit of a tough day. This morning, we had to visit with a local Austrian government office to take care of some year-end deals. I am also working on 4 different articles at the same time (with two more coming later). We are in the final phases of producing two different issues of CoDe Magazine today. I am preparing for 4 presentations I will give tomorrow and the day after (3 of which are brand new). I am working on a customer project that has a deadline this week. I am also trying to schedule technicians to finally fix my Internet connection which has not been working satisfactory for almost a week now. Oh, and this afternoon, I have to meet with a banker to figure out how we can finance my grandmother's move to a senior residence.

So not exactly a relaxing Monday. However, there is good news (and I didn't even save money on my car insurance): I went cross-country-skiing during my lunch break today.

The conditions were awesome. Unreal really, considering it is only November. Here are some pictures:

The blue dot is me.

Cross country skiing is really an awesome sport. I enjoy it very much. Not the "walk around in the snow" parallel kind... this is more like skating on snow (hence the name "skating style"). The only downside is that it is exhausting. Extremely so. I think it is because I am just not good enough and not used to the movement (some of the muscle groups I am using for this, I didn't even know I had). Part of the problem also is that I am just not in that good a shape. On the other hand, I can run for an hour or bike up a mountain without too much trouble, but cross country is different! After 5 minutes, I usually feel like my lungs explode, my arms burn up, and my legs are about to fall off. But I figure it gotta get easier over time...

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