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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Staying on the outskirts of Las Vegas

There are those that say when you go to Vegas, you should stay away fromt he strip. Casinos offer better odds when you gamble downtown and on the outskirts. Everything is cheaper when you stay away fromt he strip. After all the strip is just a tourist trap, and the real insiders go other places, they say.


If you go to Las Vegas, go to Las Vegas proper! And right now, that means The Strip (a.k.a. Las Vegas Boulevard). Stay at a big hotel too, and not at one of the little dumps. The odds are worse there? Possibly, but if you go to Vegas, then go to have fun and not to win money. If you are going to Vegas to win money, then I have news for you: Las Vegas isn't growing as fast as it is because people leave with more money than they came with! You are going to spend some money here, so you might as well spend it in the most enjoyable way possible!

I spent the last two days at the J.W. Mariott, which is a $45 cab ride away from the strip. There is nothing wrong with the hotel itself. In fact, it is quite nice, but the standards here in Vegas are just different! The casino in the hotel is terrible (I haven't even spent a quarter gambling yet). The restaurants are terrible too. (I understand neither the casino nor the restaurant are owned by Mariott). If I wanted to enjoy Las Vegas, I'd have to pay for what almost ammounts to a $100 round trip to the strip! Thanks, but no thanks. I have been here for business (speaking at a conference that has been held here for the last few years), but if I'd be staying here for pleasure, I'd be - shall we say - upset.

If you want a nice place to stay in Vegas, consider the new Wynn, or the Mandalay Bay. Or, if you want to spend a little less, consider the New York, New York (check out the piano bar if you stay there...), or the Aladdin. The Venetian and the Paris are good too. And if you got the money, stay at the Bellaggio . You'll have a blast.

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